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The Company was established as an affiliate of Tüm Group in 1999 to benefit from the Group’s 40 years of experience in distribution and marketing of low-voltage products in the sale of medium-voltage products.

With a staff of young and dynamic electrical engineers, we proactively provide safe and high-quality middle-voltage products and post-sales services in line with the requirements of our customers.

The Company offers distributorship and engineering services for many leaders of the energy sector including Schneider, Ulusoy and Astor with strong stocks and an extensive logistics network.

In addition to Istanbul, Europe and Asia regions, we have an extensive staff in many other cities including Izmir and Ankara and we continue to be a preferred business partner in many industries in Turkey.

– We fully comply with laws and ethical rules and we act with the comfort of this fact in all projects.
– We reach our objectives as soon as possible with a solution-focused and sustainable service approach.
– A large staff of electrical engineers find the right solutions to meet the requirements of our customers and operate as a trusted business partner for them.
– We provide services throughout Turkey with large stock levels and extensive logistics network.

Our Human Resources Policy;

Is focused on raising teams which continually improve, create value and develop implementable Human Resources Strategies to increase motivation and loyalty and trigger development.

The most important factor of achievement for a company is the level of quality of its human resources. TÜM GROUP offers a peaceful and fair working environment based on its long-established business culture and ethical values. Regardless of role or title, we consider the creative ideas of all employees and implement practical ones as soon as possible. To ensure continuity of this quality approach, we attach importance to the personal development of our employees and keep the level of their satisfaction as high as possible.